About Us

Are you Highly Natured?  Soaking up the rays at the beach, exploring the vastness of the desert, trekking through the mountains and forest,  or camping for the weekend at a music festival, we will supply the equipment to give you a stellar trip. Camping and festival gear is our cornerstone. We are working weekly to add new products of all kinds, to enhance your outdoor experience.  If you love to get outside & enjoy the beauty of nature, then everything we have is for you. Get high on life with Highly Natured!


Our goal is to build a community of adventure-lovers who thrive on exploring in nature, connecting like-minded individuals on our social media pages, and educating about survival hacks and safety. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with us!


Highly Natured is proud to announce our line up of electric bicycles, which we know will amplify every outdoor experience! We offer three different models to match your natures need. The Boss Cruiser is an AWD fat tire bike with 600 watts of power. There is no bike with a more quick yet smooth take off than this! We also offer the Trail Blazer, an all terrain full suspension mountain bike with a 350watt motor that can take on the most treacherous of trails. Finally we have the Peace Cruiser, which is our foldable low step style cruiser bike with a 500watt motor topping out over 20mph. Boost your outdoor expedition with a Highly Natured e-bike today!!


Here at Highly Natured, we strive to offer the best quality equipment and the highest level of customer service as our appreciation to you. Not to mention free shipping on all U.S. orders. Please stay tuned and follow us on Instagram for new products and promotions that you won’t be able to pass up! Thank you for being Highly Natured!!